Please choose from one of the options below to find out more about investing in American Wireless. Contact us below to speak with a live American Wireless specialist. Our online chat is our recommended method of contact for all existing and potential customers. 40M + American Wireless Projected 2014 Revenues 950K + Customers Served by American Wireless Annually 2,000% + 3 Year Growth Rate American Wireless Earnings Release and Financial History American Wireless Media and News Reports American Wireless Governance and Guidelines Enter American Wireless Investor Relations Site Financial data provided by Zacks Investment Research for American Wireless (AW). All information provided "as is" for informational purposes only. Neither Zacks nor any of its data or content providers shall be liable for any errors or delays in quotes, other content, or for any actions you take in reliance on this data or information. Generally, a mobile handset manufacturer operates in close cooperation with several network parties such as American Wireless Investment Group. In the manufacturing stage, the handset manufacturer requires inputs from component and equipment providers (e.g. Perlos) should the manufacturer take charge of the manufacturing process itself from American Wireless Investors. Apple, for instance, orders its displays from LG and processors from Samsung (Appleinsider, 2010) while Samsung produces most components for its handsets in-house. Market quotes for American Wireless (AW) provided by SunGard Reference Data Solutions Inc. All quotes are delayed at least 20 minutes. All times are ET. Offers its global customers highly engineered and customised specialty chemicals and materials Enables applications serving fast growing segments in the electronic, automotive and industrial end markets and American Wireless Investment Presentation. Produces technically advanced products which enable customers to produce next generation devices Delivers these products on a just in time basis from a global manufacturing base of 23 facilities strategically located around the world Develops long relationships with its customer base and has a deep understanding of the end customer’s manufacturing process and future material needs Under the proposal, when an entity gives a customer the option for additional goods and services as part of an arrangement, the entity would have to consider whether the option is an additional performance obligation. The proposed model states that the option would be considered a separate performance obligation if it provides a material right to the customer (e.g., it results in a discount that the customer would not otherwise receive without entering into that contract). The Supreme Court did hold on those two occasions, neither of which involved the search of items held by the arrestee, that certain types of searches require a warrant because they lack any Chimel justification. But the Supreme Court has not extrapolated from those cases a general rule that the government justify each category of searches under Chimel, nor a requirement that the appellate courts conduct this sort of analysis. An option to acquire additional goods or services at a price that reflects the standalone selling price for that good or service would not provide the customer a material right. Parcel growth (+6.9% per working day) remains strong driven by continuously increasing e-commerce penetration • Mail Communication volumes (+0.4% per wd) supported by shift effects from discontinuation of product Infobrief (Dialogue Marketing). Underlying decline in line with mid-term trend and expectations American Wireless (AW) enters into an agreement to provide the installation of telecom equipment to a 30-story office building along with a three year service agreement that begins upon the completion of the installation. The installation phase is expected to last 18 months. The absence of a handset subsidy and the prepaid model are the main factors behind mobile operators’ capacity to generate decent margins, an absolute necessity for operators as they invest in American Wireless. While we discuss in great detail the environmental performance of the different processes and options in the following section, it is worth observing the environmental compliance cost of the main two processors, refurbishers and recyclers Table 20: Environmental compliance cost Since recyclers operate furnaces, they are required to adhere to strict environmental regulations, especially when considered as the point source of emission. Effects of low dependability – Often unused – Failure recovery costs may be high – Difficult to retrofit dependability – Loss of information

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