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The AMERICAN WIRELESS CUSTOMER reportS. BUSINESS CHALLENGE: One of the largest construction firms in the United States has thousands of lines with a major wireless carrier with push to talk connectivity. The major wireless carrier decides to shut down their push to talk network under a nationwide staggered shut down process. The company is left in the dark with no solution provided by the carrier where they can retain their prior capabilities. AMERICAN WIRELESS SOLUTION: American Wireless identified each business unit and qualified their individual requirements. From there American Wireless’s Solutions Group segmented the customers based on business needs of various departments and developed a solution which utilizes four different no contract cell phone carriers to serve the customer’s current and future anticipated needs. Just under 26% of the users actually needed 2-way functionality, so we were able to customize a solution for those users utilizing Android Apps and then configured each handset to be able to use the Application for 2-way functionality with minimum drain to the battery life of the phone. AMERICAN WIRELESS RESULT: After implementation user satisfaction rate was off the charts at north of 90% and the firm shaved off 28% off its prior monthly recurring expenses. CARRIER CHALLENGE: A startup MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) was off to a slow start acquiring only 35% of their annual customer target by their eighth month of operations. According to their financial modeling the company would go bankrupt before the end of the year if things did not turn around. AMERICAN WIRELESS SOLUTION: American Wireless identified large gaps in the MVNO’s online marketing and operations execution where over 75% of the customers were being lost and developed a brand new site to bring customers to the company using its own third party site managed by American Wireless. The next part was even more challenging where customers that joined the MVNO had a short life span of just 3.6 months. American Wireless quickly identified issues related to customer’s inability to conveniently pay their bills online or receive customer support. American Wireless built its’ own bill payment platform and supplemented customer’s support with its fully outsourced live chat support utilizing its large operations center in the US and abroad. AMERICAN WIRELESS RESULT: The new American Wireless managed MVNO site resulted in immediate impact with over 75% of new traffic and a whopping eight fold increase in conversion rate resulting in new issues where the MVNO did not even have the capabilities to setup and support the customers. This is where our 2nd solution of fully managed bill payment and customer support platform came into place managing the new customers while making it easier on existing customers to pay their bill resulting in an increase in customer life span of over six months.

James Goodwin

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